Congratulations!! You have been invited to speak as an Expert on our upcoming The Wealthy Healer Summit.

Please read this document carefully! It contains your responsibilities as an expert speaker (aka: expert) and our responsibilities as the host and organizer. You will see a checklist at the end. It is your responsibility to get these items uploaded to our platform or to as appropriate.

Summit Title: The Wealthy Healer Summit

By confirming your attendance as an expert, you agree to comply with all of your responsibilities in this document. If you do not agree with any of the terms in this document, please let us know as soon as possible. Under that circumstance, we will need to invite another expert.

What is a The Wealthy Healer Summit?

This is a multi-day event, delivered to an audience online. You can present as an expert from anywhere in the world as long as you have excellent internet connectivity and a professional environment from where you can efficiently web-cast. 

There will be multiple experts on each day, each of whom will share knowledge about entrepreneurship with our attendees. Each presentation is a pre-set amount of time which includes your talk of value, the Q&A, and your invitation.

As a guest expert, you play a critically important role in shaping this amazing event! You will have responsibilities pre-event, during the event, and post-event.

The most important thing to remember about TWH Summits is that all of our experts put their joint marketing efforts and knowledge into making this event beneficial to everyone in attendance.

What do I need to do beforehand?

You will need to enter your talk details and your bio on the summit technology platform. You will be responsible for marketing with at least three (3) emails to your list as well as posting on social media channels. We will provide you with 3 to 5 invitation email samples (swipe copy), for you to send out to your mailing list two weeks prior to the event. You will be able to modify the copy to match the look and feel that your mailing list expects. It is important that all experts promote the event! If an expert fails to promote the event, they may be removed from the event.

What is the deposit for?

In order to make this LIVE event as huge a success as possible, we require a $300 deposit from each expert for this event. The deposit will be refunded (less a $25 admin fee) after the event as long as you meet the following:

A) Have a minimum of 25 people registered via your affiliate link (the event is free to attendees).

B) Provide working affiliate links for any products you plan to sell or give-away for approval.

C) During the live event you may not share your screen, provide any links, contact information, email addresses without prior written permission from the The Wealthy Healer summit. This is a No Powerpoint event. You may not share a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation or slides of any kind.

D) Arrive at the live event fully prepared for your talk on time no later than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

What is the format of your talk as a guest expert?

Our Web Summit is a NO POWERPOINT ZONE. All of our talks are interview-style in their presentation. Our Hosts are very experienced as interviewers and often go off-script to engage the audience. Their primary goal is to make you look as good as possible as an expert.

The “Speaker Guidelines” document includes all the details of the presentation format, and how to prepare.

What can you offer at the end of your talk, as an expert?

We highly encourage you to use this opportunity to take on new clients! This should be a powerful business building opportunity for you. You are being positioned as an expert and will be in a prime position to make an invitation. Your invitation – as well as any links or contact information – must be approved by The Wealthy Healer in writing beforehand.

You may do one of the following:

1) Introduce your program and invite people to a one-on-one session, or fill out an application form. This can be very effective, depending on your positioning. We recommend it be framed as an invite. If you choose this option, please have a link available that leads to your application form. This must be an affiliate link that tracks results and responses back to The Wealthy Healer.

2) Invite people to check out your book, audiobook or another item available for purchase on Amazon.

3) Invite people to subscribe to your Podcast or YouTube channel.

4) Invite people to join the top-tier of your funnel by offering them a free gift. Once they have joined, you can offer them your opportunity down the road. This is great for building a mailing list! This must be an affiliate link that tracks results and responses back to The Wealthy Healer.

5) Invite directly from the session. This is available if you have a strong, proven-to-convert offer and an affiliate program approved by The Wealthy Healer. Invites must be made via an affiliate link that tracks results and responses back to The Wealthy Healer.

6) You may also choose not to offer anything. This is primarily used by retired Experts, or an Expert no longer active in their industry.

*Note: Experts and affiliates will not get any affiliate fee on the backroom sales of other experts. Experts will not get paid for their presentation or preparation time.

What are your responsibilities as the guest expert?

1. Gift Giveaway: All attendees will receive access to a gift giveaway. Each expert will be asked to contribute. This should have an opt-in and serve as a list builder for you. It is not required but it is strongly encouraged as a value to you and a way to gather leads for your business. This must be an affiliate link that tracks results and responses back to The Wealthy Healer.

2. Promotion: Each expert MUST send a minimum of three marketing emails to your main mailing list to promote the event. We will provide you with the text and your affiliate link and will be measuring your link’s activity. We also ask that you use social media to promote and ask you to tag our event on Facebook so we can track that activity. Highest performing affiliates will be recognized in our Facebook Group and may receive other special recognition and exposure opportunities.

3. Connectivity: Make absolutely sure that on the day of the event, you have access to a very reliable internet connection and a good computer with a proper sound system (camera, microphone and speaker) that has been tested.

4. Be Timely: Be present for your talk 5-10 minutes early, deliver your presentation on time, and within the time frame. If you are late to your live event, you will forfeit your deposit.

5. Facebook Audience Interaction: During the event, we ask that you interact and engage with our audience in our Facebook Groups. This will give you extra exposure and allow for you to pick up additional connections and build relationships.

6. Post Event: Follow up with leads and making sales (if applicable). Deliver on 100% of your promises. Dissatisfied clients reflect poorly on both your organization and ours.

7. Affiliate Fees: Accurately track affiliate sales from the event, and pay the affiliate fee on sales to The Wealthy Healer on time (approximately 15 days after your guarantee period is complete.)

What are our responsibilities as an organizer?

1. Event and Support Materials: Creating the event and all of its marketing materials including landing pages, sales pages, swipe copy, templates, etc. Recruiting experts and promotional partners.

2. Technology: Provide the webinar software, and organize the webinar for you to present. Making VIP ticket sales, organizing, managing the technology and experience for the attendees.

3. Marketing Oversight: Overseeing the marketing of the event through experts and other affiliates.

4. Value: Creating a valuable and positive experience for the audience members by choosing experts, excellent technology, and valuable content.

5. Affiliate Fees: Paying out affiliate fees (50%) on VIP ticket sales through you no later than 15 days after the money-back guarantee period.

By attending this Web Summit as a expert you also:

1. Agree to us using your name, photo, logos, and other material, that you provide, for promoting the event.

2. Agree that the recording of your presentation can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes by Kimberly Hobscheid, Gini Trask, Shiraz Baboo, Courtney Lyons, Energetic Magic Inc. and The Wealthy Healer Summit assigns, and that it may be transcribed to be used on social media, podcasts, blogs, books, and any other format that we see fit.

What do we need from you?

If you agree with everything above and are willing to fully participate in this event as an expert, please provide us with the following as soon as possible:

1- Security deposit paid through this link:

2- All of the information below via this link:

a. Your professional headshot and a 3/4 body photo

b. Your bio

c. Your talk title

d. Your talk description

e. Title and Artwork for your downloadable/lead magnet/freebie/gift

f. Your acknowledgement of our terms and conditions


We are so excited you are going to be on our web summit! You have been recognized as an expert in your field! We are looking forward to hearing your presentation and learning more from you. On this summit, we have a wide variety of presenters! We will have presenters who have never done a web summit before, as well as those who are experts at web summits. 

Don’t worry! Our job is to make you look amazing and highlight your expertise for our audience! This Guideline is designed to help you through some of the technical and logistical pieces of a web summit. Please read through it carefully to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Your Technology Requirements for the Summit

Internet connection:

At the highest priority level, you must have a very good internet connection! This can be tested by going to Click on “Begin Test” which appears on the Laptop graphic in the middle of the page. There are a lot of other buttons. Disregard all of them! Ideally, you are looking for a download speed of at least 25mb and upload of at least 5.5 mb+. Please make sure your internet connection is at this level or higher. If it’s not, our Web Summit Host will appear clear in your webinar, but you may not. Our goal is for you to look as good as possible, so this is key.


If you haven’t ever used Zoom, either at all or successfully, you may want to do a few test calls before our meeting. Key items to practice mute and unmute, turning the video on and off, sharing and unsharing the screen and using the chat.

Your web camera:


Our interviews will be on camera, so you will need a good quality webcam, and preferably a high-quality one. The Logitec C920 is the one our staff uses. It is a very reasonable option and can be picked up on Amazon:

Be camera ready:

Please be “Camera Ready” for all our calls, hair, outfits and make-up. Solid, bright colors work well on camera.

Before The Summit:

If you have any questions about technology or would like to have a rehearsal call, please e-mail and let the summit host know that you need to have a pre-summit call.

Prior to the Summit our technical team will send a link to your EventRaptor speaker page, swipe copy for you to use for marketing and your affiliate link which will track registrations back to you. They will also confirm your talk time. All communication will be sent to the email address submitted via the speaker application form you filled out. If there is anything you need changed please e-mail in order to have our technical team correct any issues.

24 hours prior to your talk you will be emailed a zoom link which will be the link you will use to access the summit for your talk. You will also be sent a second email 1 hour before your talk.

The Day Of the Web Summit:

Right before the presentation:

The login for the webinar will be sent to you from our technology provider, via email. You will log into the webinar between 5-10 minutes prior to the start of your call.

Please do not login early – you may disrupt another webinar in process. Also, please do not log in late – you may lose your opportunity to present live. If you are not in the room on time, we will play your recording. You and our Web Summit Host will have a few minutes in a “green room” where participants will not be able to see you for a few minutes before you go live. At the time of the webinar, our Web Summit Host will start the webinar, and introduce you.

During the presentation:

The webinar is a hard-stop at 40 minutes including the intro, your presentation or interview, and Q&A. We recommend 22-25 minutes of content. You can offer a freebie to attendees; a downloadable, gift, etc. You may invite them to connect with your product, but there is no “hard core pitching” allowed. All presentations will be interview style. You are welcome to provide questions for our Web Summit Host to reference. During your live presentation, the Web Summit Host will monitor the chat and coordinate any questions. You do not need to (and should not) get distracted by the chat at all. Our Web Summit Host will support you and collaborate with you. We strongly encourage audience participation during the event.

We are excited to have you as a speaker. You have been selected because of the value you offer to our audience. We look forward to having you speak as an expert on this exciting event!

If you have any questions, please email: