The Wealthy Healers Summit is looking for speakers! We are looking for those who have successful healing businesses with experiences to share, and those who help service-based businesses achieve great success.

Happening November 15, 16 & 17, 2021, The Wealthy Healers Summit, is designed to empower healers and those considering starting a business in the healing industry. It is an intensive, information packed, enjoyable event designed to help you step into your power and change your life!

Speaker Requirements:

All speakers must be in one of two categories (or both):


1) wealthy healers (6 figures or more) which we define as physical, spiritual, or energy healers, life and spiritual coaches, nutritionists, recovery specialists, counsellors, and the like.

2) you must have an established business (doesn’t have to be 6 figured), working with, but not necessarily exclusive to, service-oriented businesses such as healers and the other professions above. Wealthy Healer creators can include: business coaches, media coaches, branding experts, social media experts, image consultants, marketing experts, thought leaders, podcasters, networking experts, JV strategists, speaking coaches, course creators, grant writers, funding specialists, and more. 

All speakers are required to effectively promote the event, aiming to get a minimum of 25 registrations to the free admission ticket on your affiliate link (you will be given one). We do not care about list size, only your ability to promote. We will provide email copy and social media posts. So you just have to copy, paste, and post.

All speakers must show up on time for their live session during the event. (Seems obvious but must be stated.)

Speakers may only drop authorized links during their presentation.

To this end, there is a $275 refundable deposit to ensure our speakers comply with these requirements and make it a huge win-win-win for everyone! There is also a $25 application fee to cover technology and the part of the penalty we pay when we refund your money. Please note: It is our goal to help make sure you meet all the requirements, refund your deposit, and benefit from this summit. We would like to form a relationship and have you attend future summits as well.

For more details, please read our MOU. 

There is a Speaker Information Call every Wednesday at 3pm Eastern. Click here to register.


Speaker Bonuses:

Receive 40% of the ticket revenue for any VIP tickets sold through your affiliate link.

Receive 10% of the ticket revenue for an VIP tickets sold through a speaker you refer to this event.

Opportunity to host a private workshop with attendees on Day 3 of the summit.

Opportunity to participate in speaker panels to give you greater exposure to attendees.

Weekly (optional) networking events leading up to the summit to learn, make connections, form partnerships, & create friendships.

Please enter the information below to the best of your ability. If you do not have the information needed for some of the questions or need more time to make a decision, just skip them and we can follow up with you later.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email