Links of the Free Tools, Workbook, & Gifts that were given out during the talks below.

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From our Top Speakers

Jennifer Beale

Book a Wealthy Healer Hot Traffic Connection Session with Jennifer Beale

Lisa Barnett

FREE GIFT: Prayers of Abundance

Lee Roebeck

Serenity Audio

Antoniette Roze

5 Surefire Steps to Getting Booked on Top Wellness Shows!

Marta Duda

Mission-driven Business Pillars

Bill Pratt

Flex Coaching on Demand Blueprint


Kelle Sparta (View Kelle’s talk below)

Boundaries for Empaths – How to stand in your healer self and not get drained.

James Lam

6 Truth Bombs to Power Up Your Inner Superhero Entrepreneur

Keira Poulsen

A mini course on Creating with The Divine


Sean D. Stewart

How To Launch Your Very Own Evergreen Group Program

Daniel Hanneman

Meditate and Make Money Meditation

Shiraz Baboo

How to Rewrite Reality

Karen Aydt

Leadership Styles  Email

Cheryl Stelte

Free 20 minute Chakra Reading to let you know where your energetic blocks are and where the energy is flowing well.

Andrea Austin

Love Evolution – Sacred Economics Facilitated Discussion and Connection Group for Like Minds

Kara James

The 7 Steps to Getting Your Next 10 Clients With a Core Program

Sarah Gray

Get Leads on LinkedIn

Dr Ali Lankerani

5 Columns for Connectivity

Diana Lidstone

Top 5 Proven Client-Getting Secrets

Nicki Chang-Powless

The Guide to Getting More Sales!

Jessica Koch

The Art of Prospecting Video Training

Steve Kidd

Ultimate Marketing Tool

Jessica Valor

Intention Ritual Grid for Amplifying your Abundance

Rasa Disalvo

Money Mindset Meditation

Cari Brunton

The A+ Webinar Checklist – the link opens but the submit button does not work)

Jessica Dugas

10-Minute Loving Kindness Meditation

Margie Dunki-Jacobs

7 Figures Funding


Amy Rose Herrick

7 Ways Entrepreneurs Could Increase Profit

Nicole Borghi

Shift Happens Meditation (coupon code LOVE) – the link and the code both work, but still requires payment details to complete the order

Janette Burke

Do’s & Dont’s of Being On-Camera or Stage Checklist.

Tracey Starr

Tips for Interview Preparation and Success

Meagan Fettes

10 Secrets to Align, Connect and Convert Your Perfect Client

Joe Apfelbaum

30 Tips Booklet

Carl Richards

Podcast Strategy Session

Petra Contrada

Daily Superpower Primer Morning Routine

Nicky Billou

The Thought Leader’s Journey

Lauren McLaughlin

The C7 Success Brain Map Strategies

Maria Davis

5 Days 5 Spells

Courtney Lyons

Automation Worksheet.

Courtney Lyons

Online Tools For Small Business

Mary E. Knippel

Write your Book. Grow your Business

Gini Trask

Fear & Desire Worksheet–desire-worksheet-WHS

Kojenwa Moitt

FREE Social Media Planner

Shiraz Baboo

How to Rewrite Reality

We were unfortunately unable to hear Kelle Sparta’s speach live, but she has been able to provide a video below for those interested in How Not To Be A Wounded Healer. (Thanks Kelle)