Wealthy Healers Summit

Purpose and Profit DO mix!

April 14-16, 2023

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Running a Healing Business Is Not All Fun & Games

Do you feel like you have a lot going for you, but you know you could be doing more to achieve abundance in your business?

What you really want is to… feel both professionally and financially successful. You are in the right place. You deserve all of these things and this event is going to help you achieve them.

The Wealthy Healers Summit is exactly all about achieving wealth in your healing business!

Over the course of 3 days, we have dozens of amazing speakers lined up that will share stories and teach you strategies that you can use to build abundance and wealth in your healing business.

Perhaps you are…

Hesitant to start your business because you fear it won’t make enough money.

Struggling with a business that isn’t making enough money.

Triggered by the words wealthy healer so close together.

Whether you relate to one or many of these challenges, it’s time for you to get ready to call in more wealth and ease in your business.

The Wealthy Healer is unlike other events out there. It was created specifically for healers. There are no shortage of summits, webinars, trainings and workshops out there, so what makes this once different you ask? First, this event was created for you, the alternative healer, with a special offering for the world. Our speakers will go below the surface of general business advice. Each presentation is specialized and targeted for the type of business you run, making it more relevant, relatable, and a whole lot more impactful.

What all does the VIP include?

The VIP includes access to a third day of the summit, more intimate workshops with a smaller selected speakers.

Access to summit recordings.

A VIP gift from each speaker.

Exclusive discounts.

Where is the summit held?

Wherever you can connect. The summit is held online, accessible to all.

Who are some of the speakers?

As the summit gets closer we will be announcing speakers on our website and social media accounts. Please stay tuned.

Are there recordings available if I miss a speaker?

Absolutely. All the recordings are available for VIP ticket holders.

How can I get in touch with someone?

Feel free to email us at hello@wealthyhealers.com