Especially for Holistic Practitioners, Healers, Lightworkers & Heart Based Entrepreneurs

"Having A Hard Time Of Letting Go Of Resistance?"

Finally, a workshop that will teach you how to
LET GO of the beliefs, programs & emotions
that are preventing you from getting what you want
and SHIFT your Mindset for Long-Term Success!

This workshop is a series of Six Teleclasses
that are effective, supportive and transformational..

 Are you ready to FINALLY start living your dream?

Dear Friends,

Are you having a hard time of Letting Go of Resistance to fear, doubt and worry? Most of us look to the conditions of our lives to give ourselves permission for what we can be, do, have and dream.

Everything we see in the universe was an idea before it became a thing. When I wrote my first book I had no idea of how I was going to get it done from start to finish. But I did know where to start. I had a pen and paper and so I started writing.

You probably have some dream that you want to achieve and thatís where you start. However most people donít understand the power of paradigms and donít realize that there is a thermostatic setting of how much good they will allow into their life.

You have an inner thermostat - itís your self image, and itís based on the things you told yourself or things that you were told by others and this caused an image of who you think you are, and what you think youíre worth.

If you want to know what that is, all you have to do is to look at whatís being reflected back to you in your life. Itís a mirror of what you believe, what youíve been thinking and acting upon.

A mirror does not judge, it doesnít say if something is "good" or "bad", "right" or "wrong". It does not edit or delete. A mirror just reflects back whatever is put in front of it. So whatís being reflected back to you by the mirror of life?

Do you believe what your paradigm and your five senses tell you, that you donít have what it takes to accomplish your dreams?

If you wanted to build a house you would need the necessary tools and more importantly someone who had the experience in building houses to take you under their wing and teach you how to do it.

In the same way you need the support of a coach or mentor who will challenge your paradigms, help you think past the problems you have so you can get the results you desire.

If you are struggling and not getting anywhere fast then you need to realize you have paradigms that reflect your comfort zone of what you can do. Yet your longing is probably much more than what you are currently creating because there are limiting paradigms within you that are governing your outer reality.

The solution is simple Ėchange your inner thermostat from where youíve set it and raise it to where you want it to go, by changing your paradigms from struggle, suffering and hardship and tapping into the infinite wisdom thatís within you.

Let go of those beliefs, programs and emotions that are preventing you from getting what you want. When you do, they will cause a shift in your mindset and take you in a new direction and affect your long term success.

Are ready to let go of the way youíve done things in the past
based on an old paradigm? Then I highly recommend
that you get this program immediately.

Hereís what youíre going to get in the series of 6 teleclasses twice a month for 3 months where I will take you through the entire process of letting go of belief systems that deal with specific beliefs that you might be facing today.

Get Ready To Release Beliefs on:

  • Poverty Consciousness

  • Struggle and Sacrifice

  • Trauma

  • Money

  • Download new powerful beliefs to replace the old ones

  • Stop the cycle of depression, stress or sadness by implementing the Love Response

  • How to STOP the self-sabotage, fear and uncertainty when you are triggered, so you can continue to move towards your dream.

  • Learn the 3 Laws of the Universe that you must implement if you want to make more money.

So now youíre probably wondering, ďWhatís this going to cost me?Ē

Think about it this way: how much will it cost you NOT to
enroll in this program?

  • Time spent in discontent, longing for something better but not
    knowing how to get it?

  • Continue to live life in your current pattern, with your current way
    of thinking  -- which isn't getting you any closer to your dream?

  • How much is it worth to you to learn an entirely new way of thinking
    that will put you directly in alignment with the abundance of this Universe?

Give your dream the chance to flourish by
giving yourself a new paradigm that you deserve.

 Are you finally READY to LET GO & Create a "Success Mindset?"...

If so, we have made our workshop Very Affordable
with 2 Investment Choices

1 Investment of $197

2 Investments of just $117/Mo.

Message from Brenda
Ready to Let Go, Change Beliefs & Create a Success Mindset
Find out how the Pike Story shows us how we have been
Conditioned to Fail...

"Tools & Techniques are Top Notch....Notch...
Definitely Recommend!"

Brenda Blindenbach, is a warm and authentic woman. She is a woman and coach that lives what she teaches. I met her in a time of need in my life and she was able to successfully guide me to the place of resolution and relief that I needed.

Her tools and techniques are top notch in this ever expanding market of "coaches". I had a wonderful but most importantly results oriented experience with Brenda and definitely recommend her services to everyone that comes across her path.
--Dewitt Tripp, III
   Peak Performance Coach
   Health & Fitness Coach
   NLP Practitioner oner
   TimeLine Therapyô

"Brenda Helped Me Step Up To
The Next Level of My Business!"

Brenda's work has helped me step up to the next level of my business. Whether it was her session on releasing emotional blocks or identifying limiting beliefs that hold me back, I'm not sure, only to say something deep inside me has shifted throughout these past few months.

Just like I never initially saw myself as a teacher (and I have been teaching for two decades!) I never saw myself owning a school! An opportunity upon me as I type.

Instead of sinking to the "Why I can not" feel bad feelings, I feel empowered to say, "If not me, then who?"

I am holding myself accountable to living as a transformational entrepreneur first. The venues may change, but the work of healing from the inside out remains the same.

Thank you Brenda for your honesty, commitment and emotionally safe space to for me to practice new ways of being in the world."

--Taye Bela Corby, Co-founder
   RelationshipVision, the online relationship training resource.
   Head teacher Montessori In Motion


"Removing Limiting Beliefs...Create Abundance"

Brenda's coaching has helped me hone in on the limiting subconscious beliefs that were holding me back and create a new success blueprint that serves my highest good and that of my clients! I've been able to tap into what my feelings and body are saying and fix that limiting belief, bringing a mindset for manifesting!

Thanks Brenda you're an amazing coach / teacher!
--CoraLyn Hughes
Online Business Services


"Ready To Let Go, Change Your Beliefs
& Create a Success Mindset"

6 TeleClass Workshop

December 1st & 15th
January 5th & 19th
February 2nd & 16th

6pm PST - 9pm EST

One Payment Option
Investment $197

2 Payment Option
$117 Mo. for 2 months

*If you miss a class, you will be receiving the audio after our class!

Plus you will receive these Bonuses!


Bonus #1

"Sacred Connections eBook
Value $ Priceless

Looking for the answers? Are you working hard and finding that you are no closer to your dreams? Sacred Connections gives you the tools to tap into the reservoir of Universal knowledge. It shows you how you can fully connect with Source and your higher self, to attract what you desire into your life. An easier and better way to get what you want out of life.


Bonus #2

"Tools For Transformation"
4 Meditations in MP3 Format

Value $29.95

4 meditation energy tools you can use to
shift your vibration. These are some of the
tools we use for transformation.

 One Payment Option
Investment $197

2 Payment Option
$117 Mo. for 2 months

The time is now to start living the life you want and deserve...
Let us help you let go and shift to your "Success Mindset"


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