I’d like to share my global vision with you which for the past 7 years has been to teach, coach and support children (and their care givers) orphaned through aids, to release the grief and trauma of losing their parents.

Some of them have seen their parents die a slow lingering death over a period of a few years. Imagine how devastating that must be.

The challenge for me was that I didn’t even know where to begin. However I had to start by releasing or letting go of my conditioning, blocks, limiting beliefs and programs that were shouting at me that it was not possible, I had no resources, no marketing expertise or know how…

Releasing these conscious and unconscious blocks would allow me to see the answers and the opportunities that were hidden beneath the blocks. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

Well my big opportunity came just a week ago. I was given the opportunity to register in the Next Great Visionary Business Contest and FREE training program that Maggie Ostara co-created with Spirit.

There are 3 rounds of tasks to fulfill and trainings to experience and utilize. At the end of each round, we will be informed as to who will officially advance to the next round.

Whether I advance or not, I will have access to and be encouraged to take action on the training from all three rounds.

The most important prize for me is the transformation I will experience as a business owner-and the transformation in my business results that will result from me taking the actions required.

Here’s where you come in. I’m asking for your support, to walk along side me and say yes by:

  1. casting your vote for me;
  2. make a comment;
  3. Click on post to FB after you comment.

Each one of these steps helps in the voting contest.

Read my short manifesto and profile. http://ngvb.co/?aid=812

As a way of saying thank you I’m gifting you with a free 6 mini video series with “4 powerful phrases that could Transform Your Life” and the pdf’s

I can’t express how excited I am for this opportunity that has been sent my way and for being blessed to share this with you.

Thank you so much!

Many Blessings and Love,